Monday, December 09, 2013

So, watch this video to see the step by step creation of this stunning picture!

I’m a very suspicious guy, specially when it is about reality or Photoshop in pictures. When I first came across this astonishing video with the title “iPad Art - Morgan Freeman Finger Painting” I was kind of, come on dude, you think we are a kid! This is impossible. Because it was painted in a really rich details, EVERYTHING WAS THERE! Just like a 12 megapixel photo.

If you are having the same feeling, I would like to tell you what I did. Well I Googled it and I found a CNN article about this amazing artist called “Kyle Lambert” and oh yeah, it was impossibly true. It’s been said that Lambert has used 285,000 brush strokes and more than 200 hours to complete that image of Morgan Freeman.

According to Kyle Lambert official website, he is a UK-based visual artist who specializes in creating visually striking paintings and illustrations for film, television, advertising and print whose clients include Apple, Adobe, BBC Television, GQ Magazine, Paramount Studios, Pixelmator, Savage Interactive and Wacom. He mostly uses an Apple Mac Pro and when he is away from it he uses his sketchbook, Digital SLR camera, iPhone and iPad.

Base on Kyle Lambert’s words, his artwork has been features in a number of newspapers, technology websites and television programs around the world, including The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Engadget and the BBC's One Show. YouTube videos showcasing my work have received over 2 million views, including a portrait of Beyoncé which is displayed on her official website.

Right now that I’m done with this article, I’m still shocked and cannot believe how would that rich detailed painting comes out of iPad, because I personally think those small small details cannot be painted using the figures! They are too tiny! However, on the video below it illustrates how this amazing artist creates his simply beautiful artworks.

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